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Lifestyle goals to save you money

By John Lowe; Managing director of Providence Finance Services Ltd 'Don’t marry for money – you can borrow it cheaper' is an old Scottish proverb that in certain circles has a ring of truth! I am constantly asked by parents what words of wisdom they should pass on to their children in terms of financial life goals. [...]

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Why not over pay your tracker mortgage

For those lucky enough to have a tracker mortgage at crazy rates as low as .75% - maybe its time to look at overpaying each month and thus you could considerable reduce the term of the mortgage and get rid of it quicker Tracker mortgage are on a variable rate and thus not subject to any [...]

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Due to Covid-19 our office will not be open to the public at present

We are however working behind closed doors and will be taking your calls and emails. You can contact our office on 047 – 38600 Call Harry Dwyer on 086 2400120 or email us at

Thank you for your understanding at this time.