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  Great savings to be made by moving your mortgage –      Harry Dwyer As banks prepare to increase interest rates at the later part of this year – it’s time to look more closely at the fixed rate options available and moving your mortgage to save you money. Unless you have a variable [...]

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With many stock markets sliding into negative territory investors are increasingly worried about the possibility of a downturn ahead. Yet, trying to predict when markets will turn and specifically which asset classes or sectors will perform best is incredibly difficult. Rather than trying to time markets, one way of preparing for increased market volatility and a potential [...]

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Take a look at these new houses in Castle Park, Castleblayney

Castle Park is an exciting new residential development of quality built 3 & 4 bed, energy efficient homes built by Meegan Builders. Castle Park, Killycard is considered one of the finest addresses in Castleblayney for family homes benefiting from a range of amenities close by and all only minutes from town centre and N2 motorway. [...]

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Things you need to know about starting a pension

It was once death and taxes that were guaranteed. Now it appears pensions can be added to the list as the Government looks intent on pressing ahead in the coming years with plans to introduce an 'auto-enrollment' pension scheme for workers earning over €20,000 a year. In other words, workers will find themselves contributing to [...]

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Pub talk – Pensions

So the talk down the pub these evenings is 'Do I need a pension", For example if you take home €350 a week and the state pension is €243 per week. Well in this case a 30pc drop in income from €350 to €243 when you retire wouldn't be that bad. Unfortunately, you are making [...]

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