As a parent, you want to give your child the best start to adult life. Zurich’s Child’s Savings Plus plan is an innovative option from Zurich which helps you to give a child a head start when it comes to financial matters. The Child’s Savings Plus plan also allows you to maximise the Gift Tax saving for the child by enabling you to legally assign the plan to the child, thus making full use of the annual Gift Tax exemption limit of €3,000 from any individual (€6,000 from a married couple). Zurich’s child savings plan is specially designed to allow you to start shaping a future for your kids.

Opening a Child’s Savings plan is very simple.

  • You can choose which Zurich Life Funds to invest in at the outset. We can help with that.
  • You’ll need to decide how much you wish to put aside each month – it can be as little as €75. We can help you figure out how much you might need to save, depending on how long you plan to save.
  • Then you can assign the policy to your child to maximise gift tax savings.

What are the main features of the Child’s Savings Plus plan?

  • Peace of mind – by opening a Child’s Savings plan your kid will have a head start with college, buying their first home, buying their first car or helping them set up their own business.
  • Smart savings – this plan makes full use of annual gift tax exemption limits.
  • Flexibility – you can vary your payments whenever you like.