By Harry Dwyer – MONEYCARE

One of the very familiar phrases when people talk about risk is “ Am I going to lose my Money” and the answer is hugely no – Each time you make an investment – you complete whats called a risk questionnaire to evaluate how tolerant you are to risk – we further assess who much is wise to invest into any level of risk and the term most appropriate for the investment.

We at Moneycare would like to see you get a fair return on your investment with as  little risk as possible

So whats the process to moving this forward? – We have qualified financial advisers with many years of experience in handling clients monies who will bring you through the process as to your tolerance of risk – how much you would like to invest and the length of time you might like to put your hard earned monies away. They will then recommend tried and tested products that are most suitable to your needs . We value your business and will also review investments on a yearly basis and in some cases can recommend a change in funds to readjust your risk levels at no cost

It’s time to move those funds out of deposit and into a product so that your funds work for you.

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