We all want to give our children the best possible start in life and a good education is a top priority. However, this can be a lot more costly than you might realise. The cost of putting just one child through school and university can easily run into tens of thousands of euro. If you have two or more children then you’re going to have to dig even deeper to keep the educational roadshow up and running.

Starting now and contributing to an Easy Access Savings Plan can help ensure your child’s future education.

Your child’s first days at school are a big milestone. Their first day at school is also your first day of many years of (worthwhile) expense! The average cost of sending a child to primary school each year is €490. The total cost for one child in primary school over 8 years amounts to an estimated €3,920.

The cost of education gets even higher as your child moves into secondary school. The average annual cost of education for a child entering first year is €1,135. This results in a total estimated cost of €6,810 over the 6 years in secondary school

A good education is the foundation for a successful future. However, many parents end up having to borrow to fund the significant costs of third level education. These costs can be particularly difficult to manage in the current climate on top of other existing loans including mortgages, car loans, etc..


If you’re thinking about saving for your child’s education, call in to us today to find out more.