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Aviva Merrion Multi-Asset 50 Fund

  • Actively managed global multi-asset fund with truly diversified Multi-Asset structure

  • Invests in a range of equities, fixed income, property, alternatives and cash.

  • Merrion’s flagship fund has outperformed its multi-asset peer group benchmark over the past 1,5,10,15 and 20-year periods.

  • Medium risk investment.

Open Ended Investment
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BCP Asset Management

BCP Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Kick-Out Bond 2

  • Underlying iStoxx AI Global Artificial Intelligence 100 NR Decrement 5% Index is comprised of 100 global companies that are early innovators and adopters in the field of Artificial Intelligence

  • Potential gross return of 8.5% per annum (85% maximum gross return, CAR 6.3%) if the Index is at or above its starting level at the end of Year 1 or monthly thereafter

  • Maximum Investment Term of 10 years with monthly early maturity opportunities after 12 months

  • Minimum Investment €20,000

Closing Date: 19th February 2021
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Protected Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Bond

  • Uncapped return potential linked to the Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Diversification Select 50 Index.

  • Minimum return of at least 13% if the index performance is flat or positive

  • 80% Capital Protection at maturity is provided by Guarantor Societe Generale (Moody’s A1 / S&P’s A / Fitch A).*

  • Minimum Investment amount: €10,000

Closing Date: 12th February 2021
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New Ireland:  Sentinel II Fund

  • Aim  aims to achieve an attractive risk adjusted return with the added benefit of 85% protection of the fund value (before fees and charges are deducted)

  • This is low to medium risk.

  • Investing in Equities, Bonds, Property, Alternatives, Cash

  • Returns are earned through exposure to a diverse range of asset classes.

Open-ended Fund regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
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