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BCP Income Bond

  • Aim of the Bond is to deliver income in a low/negative yield environment and Fixed Income of 3.15% per annum (22.05% fixed return, CAR 2.9%)

  • At maturity, investors will receive 100% of their capital if the Index level at maturity is not more than 40% below its starting level.  At maturity, if the Index is more than 40% below its starting level, then investor’s capital will be reduced by 1% for every 1% fall in the Index.

  • Investment Term is maximum 7 years

  • Minimum Investment €30,000

CLOSING DATE: 25th October 2019
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Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Protected Momentum Bond II

  • 5-year investment with daily secondary market liquidity subject to normal market conditions

  • 90% capital protection at Final Maturity Date

  • Aims to generate stable consistent returns in a wide range of market conditions

  • Guarantor: Morgan Stanley (A3/BBB+/A)

  • Minimum Investment amount: €10,000

Closing date: 12th November 2019
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New Ireland

New Ireland:  iFunds 3 Alpha

  • Aim is to generate capital growth from diversified sources of
    return over the medium to long-term consistent with the
    fund’s risk level

  • This is low to medium risk.

  • Investing in Multi-asset – exposure to equities, bonds, property,
    alternatives and cash

  • Recommended time frame is medium to long-term (at least 7 years)

Open-ended Fund regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
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Merrion Multi-Asset 50 Fund

  • This actively managed global multi-asset fund aims to grow your money over time with an anticipated exposure of 40% to 60%
    to return-seeking investments (such as equities, property and alternatives).

  • The remainder is invested in defensive investments (such as cash and bonds).

  • The fund may also use derivatives for efficient portfolio management and hedging purposes.

  • Medium Risk. Recommended term 5 years+

Open-ended Fund regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
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