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CANTOR FITZGERALD: Oil & Gas Kick Out Bond 6

  • Potential returns of up to 9.50% p.a

  • Returns are linked to 4 stocks: Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Exxon Mobil Corp, BP PLC and Total SA.

  • 5-Year investment with 9 potential opportunities to redeem every 6 months from year 1 to the final valuation date.

  • Minimum investment €10,000

CLOSING DATE: 9th August 2019
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BROKER SOLUTIONS; Kick Out Memory Bond 4

  • Potential Annual Return of 11.4%

  • Investment in 3 shares with elevated ESG scores:  Axa, BT, ING

  • Potential for early maturity after 1 year if Indices have increased or decreased.

  • Investment term 5 years (daily liquidity available) Access to Capital During the Term

  • Summary Risk Indicator 6

CLOSING DATE: 28th August 2019
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New Ireland

New Ireland:  Evergreen Fund

  • This fund invests in different asset classes from anywhere in the world. Assets may include equities, bonds (government and corporate), property and cash.

  • The fund aims to generate long term capital growth.

  • Investing in JP Morgan, Microsoft, Georges Dock IFSC etc, for full information please see the Fund Factsheet.

  • Medium Term Fund, 3 to 5 years

Open-ended Fund regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
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BCP Asset Management

BCP Diversified Return Bond 2

  • Underlying Index is comprised of a selection of 8 diversified actively managed funds.

  • 225% or 100% Participation in the Index Performance which is added to the capital secure amount.

  • Investment term 5 years (daily liquidity available)

  • Minimum Investment €30,000

Closing Date: 30th August 2019
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