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What Our Clients Say About Moneycare 2016-11-09T08:55:20+00:00
Harry and his staff did a super job on repricing my healthcare cover and getting us a better deal.
M. McKenna, Tydavnet
Stella’s investment advice was spot on – it give us a great opportunity to plan our savings for the next 5 years.
J Treanor, Clones
I got outstanding pension advice from Moneycare a great help to us.
J Treanor, Monaghan
Moneycare got us a 92% mortgage at the best rates and we were also able to buy a property in 2014 at a great price.
M McKenna, Monaghan Town
Moneycare provided us with a comprehensive and excellent value of protection plan for our family – they have great choices.
R McCaffrey, Monaghan
We were looking around for deposit rates – Moneycare provided me with a great product giving me an additional income each year at a great rate.
R Treanor, Monaghan
Healthcare cover can be so confusing – thanks to Harry and his staff they explained to us in simple language and made solid recommendations
M McQuaid, Glaslough