August 9, 2021

ICS Mortgages move to capture a greater share of the market

Harry Dwyer QFA
Managing Director
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With the impending withdrawal of both Ulster Bank and KBC Homeloans from the mortgage market many banks are looking at the mortgage switcher market.

Mortgage holders too are also looking at their mortgage rate and seeking better value.

Dilosk DAC t/a ICS Mortgages have reduced their rates substantially and are offering rates at 1.95% fixed for 3 and 5 years to the whole country – not just the populated areas of the country.  Their variable rates are as low as 2.45%, which gives an opportunity to people who are on a much higher rate to switch their mortgage and save.

Dilosk DAC  represent a long term value for the consumer who will be much happier in knowing that they have much better value for money than their expensive mortgage rate.

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