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The cost of college education

College doesn't come cheap and by the time a teenager reaches third level, parents are really feeling the cost of putting their children through university or college. Zurich's Cost of Education survey reveals the true cost of third level education in Ireland, and it's not surprising to learn that accommodation and college fees are the highest spend [...]

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Aviva – Wage Protector

What is Wage Protector? Wage Protector is a type of insurance which pays you a regular income if you suffer any illness, injury or accident which prevents you from earning an income. You pay a monthly premium based on your health, your occupation and the level of benefits you want. What does Wage Protector do? [...]

2020-09-11T12:31:45+01:00September 11th, 2020|Latest News|Comments Off on Aviva – Wage Protector

Investments and Covid-19

We find ourselves living and coping in strange times. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused major disruption to the world we once knew, effecting our daily lives. The common factor is that we are all in it together and together we will get through it. The other disruption it has caused is to the global financial [...]

2020-04-21T16:53:05+01:00April 21st, 2020|Latest News|Comments Off on Investments and Covid-19

New Ireland’s Unique Death Benefit

New Ireland's Unique Death Benefit can safeguard your policy from any negative investment performance in the event of your death within the first 5 years of the policy. The death benefit payable will be at least equal to the total premiums paid (assuming there were no encashments or withdrawals).

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