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Property Purchase Through Your Pension

Pension property purchase offers a unique opportunity for investors to take control of their retirement fund. Pension investors can acquire property in Ireland or the UK as part of their investment strategy.

Why a pension property

Reasons you might want to consider Pension Property

Investing in pension property offers you full flexibility to take control over your pension and use your own knowledge of the market to seek out valuable opportunities.

You will not be subject to income tax on the rental income or capital gains tax on any gains made, and any costs in connection with the property purchase are consumed by the pension fund.

The process

Guide to Purchasing a Property through your Pension?

Step 1

Set up your Self Invested Pension through Moneycare

Step 2

Identify property you wish to purchase

Step 3

Notify Moneycare with property details

Step 4

Solicitor to be appointed from a pre-appoved panel

Step 5

Survey of property to be carried out

Step 6

Process to close purchase through the pension

Step 7

Letting Agent appointed

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Pension Properties

What are the benefits?

Can I transfer property, that I already own, into my pension?

Can I get a mortgage to purchase a property with my pension fund?

Do I have to sell the property when I retire?

What type of property can I purchase with my pension fund?


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